Are you at risk?


  • Have you gotten married or had children?
  • Moved to a new home?
  • Remodeled a room in your home?
  • Changed jobs? 
  • Had a child graduate? 
  • Gotten a pet?
  • Invested in a collection like art or guns?


  • Hired new staff?
  • Introduced a new product? 
  • Acquired new equipment? 
  • Built additional buildings?

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As life gets busy, priorities shift. You may find yourself pushing off things like projects, errands, exercise and more. We get it – reviewing your insurance coverage is just another thing you know you “should do,” but who has the time? It takes time to find your policy and read through pages of legal text, and what if you have questions? Well, that’s even more time… 

Lucky for you – 
American National agents are really good (and fast!) at reviewing insurance. Just like that buddy who fixed your computer when it got a virus, or that neighbor who pointed out the poison ivy patch close to the sidewalk – American National agents are kind of geeks when it comes to reviewing policies. Make an appointment with your American National agent today. It’s about making sure you’re adequately covered and not over-paying. It’s about time.

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